We offer following types of Facials

Express Facial

If you have tight schedule and your skin demands facial, we can offer you express Facial on the go! It will simply cleanse, balance and nourish the facial skin, lending it immediate radiance.

All Natural, Organic Facial

We use herbal ingredients for this facial to nourish the skin with essential nutrients, revitalizing it. Facial includes cleansing, toning, brushing, massage and herbal mask. It re-hydrated, re-mineralize, and rebalance your skin, giving it more firmness and silky contours.

Fair-complexion pearl facial

For flawless, youthful and fairer skin, this is it! If you want to improve your skin texture and skin complexion also, go for this facial. We use natural, herbal whitener to lighten the skin tone. It is especially beneficial in fading the dark patches. We also use age-control and wrinkle reducing products in this facial.

Acne Control Facial

This facial is ideal for youth facing acne problems. We use ancient herbal products like neem to control acne, freckles and infections. It rehydrate and rejuvenates the facial skin leaving it youthful, soft and radiant.

Gold Facial

Cream and mask with 24 carat gold particles are used along with herbs for this facial. The skin rejuvenates and looks radiant as there is reduction in the wrinkles and laugh lines. The pores are cleansed, and skin glows like gold, looking velvety and smoothly contoured.

Diamond Facial

The name diamond is used as actual ashes of diamond and tan- kana is used in this facial. Besides, date extracts are used to cleanse, unify and rejuvenate the skin. It helps in skin revitalization, regeneration of cells. Thus, skin appears much younger, fresh and wrinkles are reduced.

Back Facial

Ancient herbal treatments are used to treat the acne on the back. It helps to dry the pimples, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Also, massage is done to relax the muscles and regain the freshness& strength.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen rich facial makes the wrinkles vanish. This youthful facial provides a direct influx of oxygen to the skin to make it look young and charming. The encapsulation of active ingredients in formation help to transport the oxygen to inner skin layers, intercepting the signs of aging and reducing the spots, rashes, pimpled or acne (if any). It also lends more firmness, softness and smoothness to the face. Thus, a complete nourishment and rehydration is provided to tone & rejuvenate the facial skin and make it glow.
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